4 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Software Right Now

Posted by Darren Crane on Feb 21, 2020 1:54:46 PM

why software updates are important

You are in the middle of typing up those last few lines and are close to completing your task. Then you get this message, "It's time for an update!"

Your first instinct is a face palm followed by you clicking the "x" button. Afterward you choose, "Remind me later" or worse "Don't show this to me again". While the current moment may not be the best time, you need to follow through with a better time to perform the update.


Whether the update is for your operating system, app or CMS it's important. Here's why it is critical that you keep your technology current:


performance software updates

Better Performance – Updates include fixes that make things run more smoothly and efficiently. Software developers repair bugs and errors that are discovered in the previous version.


security software updates

Better Security - Older versions of software often have weak points that make it easy for your data to become compromised.


new features software updates

Better Features - Get new features that improve your experience. Older versions of software do not have all of the latest enhancements the current version has. Don't miss out!


software compatibility

Better Compatibility - When you fail to keep up with updates your integrations will lack compatibility and lead to poor functionality.


Take advantage of the benefits that updates offer, in most cases completing the update usually takes minutes.

For updates that require more time, make sure you prepare to have some time set aside once you have gotten your priority work out of the way. If the update is for your operating system you can set automated reminders to make sure you do not forget.

For OS updates on work computers, engage with a service provider that manages these updates for you! You get the benefit of selecting the update window, so updates and reboots are done off-hours and don’t impact your productivity. Some OS updates can take an hour or more.

It is best to complete your update as soon as possible so the issue does not linger. Outdated software puts your data at risk, is buggy and has sluggish performance that will only slow you down.


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