You Risk Losing $2.5 Million if Your Business Isn't Using Passwords Properly

Posted by Darren Crane on Nov 19, 2019 1:15:06 PM
Is your business using passwords as a part of your cybersecurity strategy? You should be.

Weak passwords make it easy for hackers to gain access to your important data. Increasing the chance that your company will face a data breach.\


Did you know: The average cost of a data breach is $2.5 million for small to mid size businesses.(IBM)

Using challenging passwords is a simple step that is worth taking and can save you big time.

weak-passwords (1)


To have a password that is tough to gain access to Don’t …

  • Don't use the same password for every account you have
  • Don't use obvious passwords like: 123 or your name
  • Don't use all lowercase or all uppercase letters



To have an effective password Do...

  • Use a different password for every account you have
  • Make the passwords unique and challenging by using a phrase
  • Use a mix of upper and lower case letters along with special characters
  • Make the password a long length



It's not impossible to manage and remember difficult passwords

Password managers do all the heavy lifting for you so all you must do is remember 1 master password.


Password managers to start using now:

Password managers even help you generate strong passwords for the new accounts you create so even if you forget what makes for a good password you will have a friendly reminder.


You can still get hacked

Even if you and your team use passwords properly it is still possible for someone to gain unauthorized access. Which is why in addition to having a strong password you will want to make sure you are also using MFA (Multifactor Authentication) to reduce your risk.

Hackers are always finding new ways to expose data, which is why a simple Anti-Virus just doesn't cut it anymore. Reach out to us anytime to discover how your business can use technology to be more productive, safe and secure.


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