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Posted by Darren Crane on Mar 1, 2019 2:12:00 PM

Truth be told, I purchased the CraneOnTech.com domain name over a year ago.  Since then I’ve often pondered what in the world to do with the domain.  Did I really want to be another Kevin 


Rose or Leo LaPorte?  Not really.  But what I did want to do was have a forum where thoughts and ideas regarding technology could be expressed, challenged and discussed.  My perspectives are sometimes not mainstream, so you won’t hear much of the standard “IT Sales Guy fear, uncertainly and doubt” chatter here.  I prefer to be based in real-world applications of technology while at the same time being mindful of future implications.

Keeping an open mind and understanding different viewpoints is critical to our growth as humans and together as a society.  I would therefore encourage you to interact with me regarding topics and perspectives where you may not agree.  I look forward to learning more together.

The Goal

The goal of CraneOnTech is to discuss topics of interest in technology through the lens of a business owner.  Which new, exciting technologies should you consider?  Which should you avoid? And (most importantly) what dangers do you need to be monitoring silently in the background?

My Past

1986-7: Founded the “AT-Comm User Group” for owners and enthusiasts of both Atari and Commodore computers.  Hosted a BBS for the group.

1989: Founded “Ocean Micro Systems” which was a small PC sales and support company at the age of 18.

1989: My first real job in IT – a night computer operator at a multi-hospital health system.  I was completely blessed at this place.  They had a large mix of technologies with a management team that encouraged curiosity and learning beyond your defined role.  Working through multiple positions covering telecom, networking, mini-mainframes, PC servers, reporting, end-user support and systems analysis.

1995: Manager of IT, Network and Telecom for another hospital system where I was fortunate enough to build a new environment from the ground up, and learn the AS/400 in the process.

1996: Nationwide IT Consultant at two different firms across the next decade.  With a focus on implementation of healthcare line of business applications, core networking and telecom.  At the end of this trek, I was the General Manager of Provider Healthcare Consulting for a nationwide healthcare IT firm.  My team did everything from IT strategy to staff augmentation to core network designs/installs to cabling.

My Present

2006-Present: Founder and President of DLC Technology Solutions, Inc.  An IT Total Service Provider in Southern New Jersey serving growing businesses that deem technology a critical part of their business’ success.

In my spare time I enjoy annoying my wife, photography, cooking and British detective series.  And to answer a question most often asked:  Star Trek, absolutely.  (not Star Wars)

My Achievements

HIMSS Speaker (Security) 2005

Outstanding Entrepeneur 2013, 2018

A host of Technical Certifications/Certificates, including: Cisco, Apple, APC, Watchguard, Cytracom, Datto

My Future

For now: Focus on continually amplifying DLC Technology’s value to its customer’s businesses.

Beyond that? Hmm… Any ideas?

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