4 Ways You Should Use Technology To Boost Business Productivity

Posted by Darren Crane on Feb 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM


All business leaders hope for a more productive workplace and with the use of technology you can accelerate your performance. Read on because there is surely something on this list that you will want to implement.

#1 Automate it

You can lessen your workload and work more efficiently by using software and apps that automate tasks. Here are common work duties that you can automate:





#2 Use apps and software to stay organized

There's nothing worse than a disorganized work environment. It's stressful for business leaders and employees. With so many options (free and paid) there's no excuse to not have things in order.


Project Management Software - Zoho Projects is a free option and there are more premium ones like ConnectWise. Organize tasks according to priority, keep track of who did what, set deadlines, review how much time is being spent on tasks and more.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – This helps you to optimize your sales process. There are all in one solutions like Hubspot or software specifically for customer relations like Salesforce.


Take Notes and Create Lists ElectronicallyGoogle Keep is a free option that is good for your personal to-do lists and notes. Evernote is another similar app that you can try.





#3 Use technology for business communications


Quickly chat with your team members – Everything does not require an email and sometimes a quick message will suffice. You can use Microsoft Teams or Slack.

DLC 3CX - This solution brings together traditionally separate services - like telephone, video conferencing, instant messaging, and call center into a singular, integrated product at a substantial savings over your current costs without a long-term contract! Learn more.


Write like a professional – Free tools like Grammarly keep your business communications free from spelling and grammatical errors.


Video Meetings – Try DLC 3CX or Zoom. Both options allow you to screen share for demonstration purposes. Video communications software is perfect for virtual team meetings, talks with clients or potential clients.


Webinars - This is a great selling tool as people connect more when they can see and interact with you. You can do Webinars for free on virtually every social media channel or for more customized events try using a software like Microsoft Teams, Go to Webinar or Webinar Jam.




#4 Stay secure without losing efficiency


Always Have Backup - You need in a way to recover your business in the event that disaster strikes. Use backup solutions that can get you up and running in no time. Try Datto, SimpleCloud (by DLC), Carbonite or Veeam


Cloud Sync File Solutions– Keep a copy of your work files on the cloud at all times. Make sure whatever cloud service you use has the appropriate protection and you are following all guidelines for client data. Try options like: One Drive, iCloud or OwnCloud.


Password Managers - This will allow you to create strong and challenging passwords for all company accounts. You don't have to remember all your passwords either, you just need to remember one master password. Try 1Password (DLC's recommended choice).

Did you know: A secure password could save you up to $2.5m ?

Modern password managers like 1password also automate the hassle of dealing with Multi Factor Authentication while maintaining security.


Encrypt your communications

  • Https everywhere is an extension for chrome that encrypts your communications with major websites.
  • To encrypt your hard disk on all computers, most modern OS’s include this feature for free. Use Bitlocker for Windows or Filevault for Mac.
  • Use a VPN when on a public WiFi or a network you don’t trust. Use your work’s VPN for business activities, and consider a paid VPN service like ExpressVPN for personal activity.

Managed IT Services – Technology should be serving you, not the other way around. If it has gotten to a point where your technology requires constant hand holding that is beyond what your team can handle, leave it to the professionals. Technology is all they do, every day. Staying on top of the latest threats, vulnerabilities, software, hardware trends and best practices allows your business to benefit from the latest in technology strategies.

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